Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hey Hatfeathers...where have you been?

Wow, how time does fly these days!
I have been after myself to do a blog entry, and here I am, one month to the day of my last one and shocked that its gone so quickly.

So, where have I been? Well, sanding dry wall and painting for one! Hubby and a buddy got a flip house, a nice yet abused little ranch home to renovate and sell. My parents always seemed to be fixing up places when I was growing up, so I know how to patch a wall, so I've been helping out there. Hey, Mom, I'm using that BFA emphasis in painting afterall!

What else have I done? A little bit of gardening, of course!
I have a bit of OCD when it comes to the plant arts, and am happily in my second year of volunteering my Master Gardener hours towards the Magic City Line mini-train at our local park, Rothwell Park. I've been raiding the end-of-season bins for scraggly perrenials, who will gladly join our lovely park and reward my optomism heavily come spring.

I was fortunate enough, also, to be helped by real superheroes this fall, as well. The Superheros bike ride came through town, and were directed to our little all-volunteer community area. They helped me out by digging canna rhyzomes for the year and refreshing my mulch paths on the new maze bed I formed last year. Their spirit really fit in with the ideas I had behind creating the maze bed; volunteerism, community, and sharing have helped me build from a clay and weed nub to a glorious garden. Their volunteer hours were well appreciated after a long, tough summer for the gardens. Many hands made light work, especially for a job that would have taken little old me a full day to complete alone. Thank you, Superheroes, wherever you are!!
Here we are hard at work:
And a little goofing off after the work was done:

So, what else have I done? Why, add a whole slew of new goodies to the stock room, of course!
I have been hitting the streets hard lately, finding loads of new/old goodies to add to the website over the next few soon as I regain the feeling in my arms, that is!

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