Saturday, October 25, 2008

The last bouquet of the season....

It was a tough year to garden here in Missouri. We had more rain than I've ever seen over a summer season, which led to a lot of plant issues. Some didn't do well because of mildew, some just choked on the water logged soil, some just gave up with less than adequate sun.
I did manage to get out and scatter some seeds this spring, though, and have been rewarded with a better-late-than-never patch of cosmos and zinnias.

With the weather turning colder and colder, even those will be giving up within the next few nights, as frost is upon us. I've collected what will surely be the last bouquet of the season. I'll leave what is left for any stray butterflies, bees, and moths as they make their way to warmer weather or winter sleep. Time to put away the tools, drain the gas out of the mower, cover the breakable pots, bring in the ferns, and trade the lemonade cup for a mug of cocoa.
So, here it is...the last bouquet of the season

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