Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just couldn't be more proud.....

If you watch the show America's Got Talent, you get to see the wide (and odd) array of entertainment talent in America..and some that, well, have the spirit but not the talent to back it up. Not the case with a bit of last night's show, for me at least. The Zooperstars were on, and made it to the Vegas callbacks!
Here's the bit of the show last night:

What's a Zooperstar? Well, they are a group of entertainers that utilize special suits made by my friends Signs & Shapes International. These suits, called Walkarounds, are really ingenious little creations, made in all sorts of nifty character shapes from something as generic as Uncle Sam to as recognizable as Lil' Red (go Huskers!) and Chester Cheetah. The operator wears a special blower belt that inflates the shape from inside. I spent a little time in a Chester Cheetah suit once, picking up a little extra cash at a Walmart grand opening, and I have to tell you, what the Zooperstars folks do in these suits is just amazing. I was doing well to wave at little kids and bounce around a bit. I was absolutely wiped out after a 4 hour stint of walking around and waving. I most certainly wasn't trying to do anything athletic!
So, hooray for the Zooperstars, and hooray for the designers, patternmakers, seamstresses and painters that do the work to bring these and other fun shapes to life at Signs & Shapes. After all, if you can't laugh at a big wobbly dude, then what point is there to life?

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