Sunday, July 27, 2008

Item(s) of the week

You might as well call these the misunderstood sequin tops.

This style is often attributed to the '70s. Being the glitzy disco era that it was, surely something of this amount of "sequinage" must be disco, right? Aha!! OK, I did have to double check this one with my felow vinties at the VFG, but it confirmed the suspicions. This style was all '80's...'85 to '86 to be exact. A few of the more mature VFGers even recalled seeing them in shop windows then! Being a newly minted teenager, I'm sure my mind was elsewhere then, or I would have noticed it myself.
Recently, this style has seen a come back, worn well with a tight top underneith and skinny fitted jeans, with the butterfly top off the shoulder in true slouch style.
Mall hair optional this time around.
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