Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Green Girl

Hatfeathers Vintage tries to operate as "green" as we can. While we realize no one person is going to save the world, we like to do our part. Our new blog section "The Green Girl" is our little place to share bits about how we do our best to be nice to the planet.
Our first topic...PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS!
Ok, we're as guilty as the rest. If you don't have a huge collection of these bags hanging on the wall or a doorknob somewhere, then you are amongst the minority. Yeah, they're great when you need to clean out the litter box, but who's cat goes THAT much?
I recently got 4 cloth bags at WalMart (I know, I have issues with them, too, but!) and absolutely love them! I can get a lot of stuff in them, and they hold their shape well. My stuff comes home in better shape than with the 10 or so plastic bags these 4 cloth bags have replaced. That's 10 bags every 4 or 5 days! Better yet, I am slowly regaining the wall to my laundry room; the home to my vast collection of plastic bags.
I've used them for other stuff, too, such as trips to the post office, gym, and our little one likes them for carrying sleep over stuff to Grandma's house.
There are loads of great bags out there for purchase, I've seen a lot on ebay, in stores like WalMart and Target, and through online retailers. Give them a try, help save the world one grocery trip at a time.
Here's a link to the Sierra Club's page on plastic bags

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