Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's fedora day!

FINALLY! I have posted six great vintage fedoras to my Menswear section!
Poor boys, probably think I'd forgotten about them. However, I was given a gentle nudge by a date night rental of Public Enemies. If a sharp fedora can even make the already adorable Johnny Depp a little cuter in a hat like this one:

Then I should certainly not keep a hat like this one in the stock room, unseen, any longer:
OK, so the years aren't exactly right, Johnny's Dillinger was in the 30's, and my wide brim Stetson is from the 50's, but the general idea is there for all but the purest fedora fan.

Then, while catching up on back episodes of USA Network's new show White Collar, which I highly recommend if you haven't seen it, I am prodded yet again to list my fedoras by the stylish main character portrayed by Matthew Bomer. In the first episode he is released from jail to help solve crimes similar to those he has committed. He is given the option of staying in a ratty motel, or somewhere else if he can find something better for the same price. He needs clothing, and while at a vintage shop, meets up with a kind woman who is donating her late husband's vintage suits. He charms his way into her life, and into his designer retro duds, and voila! Another fedora (and killer suits) is out of storage and onto a lovely head!
I think my similar offering of a navy blue Knox Flying Cloud will help a fella get closer to this look:
Stop by the Menswear section of Hatfeathers Vintage today, to find your own unique wardrobe additions!

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