Saturday, January 16, 2010

Items of the Week....Skirt's the Issue!

I decided to whittle away at the be-jillion skirts I have in the stock room this week. Have to start somewhere, eh!? I am charmed by each of these four selections, all for different reasons.
For simple charm, whimsical garden print, and reminder that sub-zero temps will soon be forgotten, I love this simple print skirt. It has tiny watering cans and flowers!
For it's incredible fullness, and the skill it must have taken to stitch in row after row of cording to make the fun ridges that go all around this skirt (and to keep them straight!), I love this navy blue skirt.
For a fun print, again reminding me that summer's posies will be in bloom eventually, I love this simple, full, cotton skirt.
And finally, for its bold coloring and theme worth crowing about, I love this rooster print full circle skirt. I'm not sure if they're fighting, loving, showing off in the barn yard, or dancing, but they're bold and beautiful! Chicken Dance, anyone?

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