Friday, November 27, 2009

I couldn't have said it better myslef...really!

My favorite shoe guru, Jonathan Walford of Kickshaw Productions, and author of several books on vintage, shoes, paper dresses and fashion history in general, has synopsized the decade in fashion. It really is hard to believe that a whole decade has past since the Y2K scare....where even the lamp at the gyno's office had to be checked and stamped as such (you know ladies...THE lamp). Now we are so wired in that those Y2K people look silly, and with any decade of fashion since the days of the fig leaf, we can look back and say we either did look silly, or we looked great!
So, grab a bottled water, a Starbucks, or some other silly 2K's beverage and have a read. I really couldn't have said it better than Jonathan.

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