Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Items of the week...My favorite prom dress so far

I've been in the vintage game for seven years now, so I've seen a lot of prom dresses, and each gives me just a little bit of giddy, girly glee. This one, though, well, gives me the full-on squeel-like-a-schoolgirl, dance-like-Snoopy, wave-my-arms-like-Kermit-the-Frog happiness.
The red is velvet, the white is flocked and glittered tulle, all over white taffeta. Yum. Add the strapless styling with angled wings off the bust, and the full skirt that can accommodate a mountain of crinolines. Wow.

Find this and other great vintage dresses at in our Womenswear section.


warmelephant said...

Oh god! I want this dress!!! I don't even have a prom to go to. I just want to own it!

Alaska said...

OMG I want this SO BAD! I've looked on that website but can't seem to find it... can you post a link?

Hatfeathers Vintage said...

Hi to both of you. This dress did sell and has found a new home. I wish I had more just like it, and am always on the lookout for more unique items to offer.

Julia Tyrell said...

It's a shame it was already bought, it would have been a nice addition to my evening dresses collection. I really love the color and design.