Friday, February 20, 2009

Jay star!

While cruising Rotten Tomatoes today, trying to see if anything was worth my $7 (+$8 in snacks and the post-popcorn bloat) at the theater this weekend, I stumbled across this preview for a new documentary about Jay McCarroll.
You remember him; the first winner of Project Runway. You don't? OK, well, he was. After that, for those of us outside of the wheelin' dealin' world of (new) fashion, he sorta slipped off the radar. No special guest starring rolls on Ugly Betty ala Christian "fierce" Siriano, and Amy Pohler wasn't imitating McCarroll on SNL, either.

It appears that McCarroll has gotten over that post-Project Runway high, and is ready to get out on his own...and is ready to speak his mind on what happens after the reality TV cameras stop rolling.
Gads, the pressure!!

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