Saturday, November 15, 2008

Item of the week

Bob's Mom's Pheasant Hat

Our featured item is a lovely hat that has been consigned with Hatfeathers by a family friend. The original owner has recently had to reduce her estate, so we are selling this hat, one of the few pieces of vintage she kept through the years. This gives us a rare opportunity to pass on some of the background history of it. I love knowing the background of things; where they've been, who loved it, when they wore it, and all that fun stuff.
The wonderful cloche style hat is covered entirely with pheasant feathers. The feathers are from the prize bird of a hunting trip taken by the owner’s husband the year before he died. He took the feathers from this handsome bird to one of the best milliners in town, and had this hat created for his wife from them.

Ahhh, love...some gals get flowers, I'd prefer the hat, too! I'll grow my own flowers.

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