Friday, August 29, 2008

A return to Tom & Jerry

So my wee one is getting into more "big boy" cartoons, leaving behind the hallowed halls of Sesame Street and Blues Clues, so we've been hunting around for some good faves. Not being much into the new style animation of Sponge Bob and the like, we turned to some retro stuff...naturally! We've been enjoying some old Tom & Jerry cartoons on the Cartoon Network. Kiddo gets a kick out of the slapstick gags and Mom gets to hear some jumpin' beats from the occasional Big Band scores, like the one I've included here. There are a few episodes where Tom & Jerry live in some pretty posh atomic era pads, so, if you happen to catch a few of these fun old shorts, watch the background for some retro furniture, home styles and such.
It's classic in more ways than one!

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