Thursday, May 8, 2008

Item of the Week

Vintage 60's "Big E" Levis Jeans

OK, they aren't the fanciest named-label dress, nor are they really that much different than the Levis jeans we could go to the mall and buy today, but I still love to find a pair of Big E jeans.
The Levis company has been around since the 1800s, originally just to produce sturdy jeans for minors to wear that wouldn't wear out fast. Little did Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss know, but people would be wearing jeans as their main clothing item-from fashionable dress to work attire- well over 150 years later.

One time, while considering the jeans industry in church (appologies to God for my wandering brain) I decided to count how many people were in jeans as compared to anything else, as they walked by at communion. I lost count, and it's not a big church.

So, this item of the week is featured not only as just a neat thing to find, but as a salute to the jean itself. Wardrobe staple and a favorite clothing item for anyone from New York fashionistas to midwestern moms to hard working blue collar folk.

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